Concepts of Physics

IIT JEE Physics (1978 to 2018: 41 Years) Topic-wise Complete Solutions

Praise for IIT JEE Physics Book

It makes you 'Feel' the problem from a question maker point of view. A class apart from all available solution. Approach itself is different and clear many concepts within the problem itself. Extended problem by the end of solution is cherry on the top of cupcake.

Perhaps the best book there in the market for IIT JEE physics. Supplement this with HC Verma and your concepts will be crystal clear. Perfect tool for self study. Every question is explained in detail.

There are many solution books available in the market. This book stands apart. Solutions are explained in detail. In many questions there are extra points which are highly beneficial.

Best book I have ever seen for IIT JEE previous year problems.

Best for IIT JEE previous year questions. All questions included of last 41 years. And explanation itself clears your concepts.

Best IIT JEE preparation book! Has so many questions and amazing solutions. Foreword by H.C. Verma.

Detailed explanations are very helpful to an average student like me.

The quality of solutions is excellent. Wherever possible, after giving a detailed solution, the authors give a hint to the reader to try an alternate method. Common misconceptions are also highlighted.

This book is an excellent practice resource to go along with the Ahaguru Physics course for those preparing for IIT JEE. Students should work out problems from this book.

Good reference for IIT/Engineering entrance preparation! It is really great work to filter out years of IIT questions chapter wise.

Worth every rupee you spend on it. This is a wonderful book. The solutions are really good and brings conceptual clarity.

Very good for self study and clearing doubts/concepts. Perfect companion for ``Concepts of Physics".

The language used is simple and very descriptive. Topic wise categorization is the beauty of this book.

Very helpful book for IIT as well as NEET aspirants.

Detailed explanations are very helpful to an average student like me.