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Seven Works of Shankaracharya

Seven Works of Shankaracharya Shraddhesh Chaturvedi


This book is a translation of seven works of Sri Shankaracharya, the most notable non-dualistic philosopher and saint. His philosophy continues to ignite, shape and bless the thinking of human minds ever since he adorned the earth. A basic outline of the book is as below:

1. Bhaja Govindam
Devotion to Lord Krishna is the only refuge in this world, afflicted with diseases, pain and death.
2. Hastamalakam
Insightful description of 'self' by an enlightened boy, assumed to be dumb by everyone.
3. Sadhan Panchakam
Dos and don'ts for a spiritual aspirant, willing to achieve unfailing progress.
4. Dhanyashtakam
Description of blessed persons and their qualities we should aspire for.
5. Nirvan Shatkam
Illustration of what we are not to make us understand what we are.
6. Prashnottar Manimala
Collection of various important questions and their succinct answers.
7. Para Puja
A new perspective to worship the non-dual, all pervading Absolute.


I liked this book on Shankara. The explanation is to the point and correct. Short and meningful explanation of seven short books of shankaracharya.
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Ancient wisdom, clear and precise! Excellent! Precision and clarity are two hallmarks of this book.
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Where to Buy?

The book is available in Kindle eBook as well as papreback format. Its ISBN is 978-1973563273.

About Authors

Shraddhesh Chaturvedi

Shraddhesh Chaturvedi holds a degree in Integrated M. Sc. (5 years) in Physics from IIT Kanpur. He has extensively studied the Vedic philosophies over a decade. According to him, a broad Vedic viewpoint can practically address many thought level problems even today. More importantly, an enquiry to truth enhances our basic understanding about our 'self' and can light our path with bliss and endless hope.

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