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JEE Mains and Advanced Physics PYQ+: Solved Problems in Mechanics

You are a JEE aspirant or a concerned parent or a curious teacher. Your search for a JEE physics book written by Jitendra Singh land you here. My name is spelled as Jitender Singh. And I am here to help you in making a decision — to buy or not to buy.

JEE Physics Solved Problems in Mechanics

This book contains solutions to previous year questions (PYQs) from JEE Mains (2002 onwards) and JEE advanced (1978 onwards). There are 1700+ PYQs on topics:

Apart from JEE PYQs, the book also contains problems from other books — Irodov, Morin, Kleppner, Bukhovtsev, etc. The plus in PYQ+ indicate the same. This book will meet most of your JEE needs. Truth be told, this is not a textbook. This is problem book to supplement your textbook (NCERT, HC Verma, Resnick etc).

What people are saying

“Bring conceptual clarity and develop the skills to approach any unseen problem, step by step.”
HC Verma
“Outstanding. It makes the readers think beyond the problem. Must have for JEE aspirants.”
Akash Goyal
“Solutions are straight to the point. Feels like someone is guiding you, not just throwing answers at you.”
Yash Ranjan
JEE Physics Solved Problems in Mechanics

Different from others

This book is different from other PYQs books in the market. The major differences are (i) organization of the problems and (ii) details of the solutions.

A well-organized book is more helpful. The topics are divided into 20 chapters. Each chapter has four parts: key concepts, problems, answers, and solutions.

The solutions are correct, clear, and better. Our detailed and clear solutions will improve your problem-solving skills. You will find valuable extensions at the end of many solutions. They will open new dimensions for you to think about.

More details are given in the preface (pdf).

JEE Physics Solved Problems in Mechanics

Who should not buy

The book is written for serious JEE aspirants. If you are preparing for board exams or NEET then you can skip this book. If you are passionate about problem solving then go for it.

Five reasons to buy

  1. To remain focussed on your goal
  2. To get assistance in self learning
  3. To prepare for JEE in parallel with school
  4. To develop strong problem-solving skills
  5. To get in love with physics problems

Where to buy

The book is available only on Place an order and get it delivered anywhere in India. Don't waste your time searching at bookshops.

If you are not in India then buy here at

JEE Physics Solved Problems in Mechanics

Who are we

I am a graduate from IIT Kanpur with Integrated M. Sc. (5 years) in Physics. And I am passionate about problem solving.

Shraddhesh Chaturvedi holds a degree in Integrated M. Sc. (5 years) in Physics from IIT Kanpur. He is passionate about problem solving in physics and enhancing the quality of texts available to Indian students.

You can read more about us.

Return and Warranty

Amazon has an amazing return policy. You can return within 7 days of delivery.

If you notice a defect after 7 days then send me an email (Email ID is given in the book's preface). Your satisfaction makes us happy :)


This book is not printed in bulk. I have a few books in stock. If stock is over, then you may have to wait — may be for months. This happened in case of my last book. I received many messages like this:

“Sir please help me in getting a hardcopy of IIT JEE Physics book. I require this urgently please help me sir.”
Ande Kotesh

Unfortunately, I was unable to help Ande. Check availability on Amazon

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