Learning Physics through Simple Experiments: Online Course by Dr HC Verma


This course covers some basic principles of Physics and describe them through few simple experiments. Sometimes the phenomena is shown first, then in order to understand and analyze it, the theory is explained. In some cases it will be the reverse.

Module on Optics

From shadows to diffraction

From Fermat principle to Reflection

From one medium to another: Refraction

From Diffraction to Interference

From unpolarized to polarized light

From Blue Sky to Colored Cello Tape

Module on Mechanics

Let us be Non-inertial

Take things away: Centrifugal Force

Deflects things sideways:Coriolis Force

Be with me: Friction

Set the ball Rolling

Make things Rotate

Module on Electricity and Magnetism

Field,and not charge, exerts force

Building up Capacity to carry Charge

A force that never changes speed

Swings to Motors

A force that never changes speed

Let us create electric current

Module on Oscillations and Waves

Let us Oscillate

Let us Resonate

Simple Pendulum is not that Simple

From one to Many

Let us Create Wave

Oscillate and Don't Oscillate

JEE Physics Solved Problems in Mechanics