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Maths | Heuristic | Draw a Picture

  1. Akshaj and Viraj and their father trying to cross a river in a boat. Each of the boys weighs 40 kg, and the father weighs 80 kg. The boat can only hold 100 kg at a time. How many trips will it take them to get everyone over to the other side?
  2. Raju has three shirts and four ties. How many different combinations of shirts and ties can he make?
  3. There are four people in a singles badminton tournament. If each player only plays one match with each other player, how many matches are played in all?
  4. A basketball bounces back up about 1/2 the height from which it is dropped. If a basketball is dropped from 120 metre and keeps bouncing, what is its vertical height after it hits the floor for the 3rd time?
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