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Maths Questions on Factorization for Class 8


A student need to practice maths problems. Its helps in developing problem solving skills. The problems shall not be (i) too simple, (ii) too difficult or (iii) too many. Simple problems are boring, difficult problems discourages (at times), and too many problems don't leave time for fun.

I selected following problems on factorization for my son studying in class 8.

Factorize the following expressions:

  1. $12x^2 y^3 -21x^3 y^2$
  2. $1+x+xy+x^2y$
  3. $ab(x^2+y^2)+xy(a^2+b^2)$
  4. $x^3-3x^2+x-3$
  5. $25(x+y)^2-36(x-2y)^2$
  6. $4x^2-y^2+6y-9$
  7. $1-6x+9x^2$
  8. $(x+y)^2-4xy$
  9. $x^2+x-56$
  10. $3x^2-4x-4$
  11. $28-31x-5x^2$
  12. $6x^2-5x-6$
  13. $2x^2-x-6$
  14. $x^2+x-30$
  15. $7x^2-2x-5$
  16. $4x^2-16$
  17. $3x^2-4x-4$
  18. $-2x^2+3x+9$
  19. $-x^2+7x+18$
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