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100 Solved Problems on Motion in a Plane

100 Solved Problems on Motion in a Plane

100 Solved Problems on Motion in a Plane by Jitender Singh and Shraddhesh Chaturvedi will expose you to some of the challenging problems 2 dimensional kinematics. The book covers problems on vectors, projectiles, and curvilinear motion in 2D. We believe that solving tons of problems is a poor strategy for competitive examinations! Solve problems with necessary variability and complexity to enhance your understading and problems solving skills. We selected 100 such problems on motion in a plane for you!

The book is published by PsiPhiETC . Its average rating on Amazon is 5 out of 5 (from 3 reviews as on 14 December 2019). This book is available in Kindle eBook as well as Paperback format (Print on Demand from Links to buy this book are Kindle eBook on Amazon | Google Play | Paperback from | Amazon (USA).

"The strength of this book is selection of problems. Each problem focus on a particular aspect of theory/concept. The solutions are complete."
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Jitender Singh is working as a Scientist in DRDO. He has a strong academic background with Integrated M. Sc. (5 years) in Physics from IIT Kanpur and M. Tech. in Computational Science from IISc Bangalore. He is All India Rank 1 holder in GATE and loves to solve physics problems.

Shraddhesh Chaturvedi holds a degree in Integrated M. Sc. (5 years) in Physics from IIT Kanpur. He is passionate about problem solving in physics and enhancing the quality of texts available to Indian students. His career spans many industries where he has contributed with his knowledge of physics and mathematics. An avid reader and keen thinker, his philosophical writings are a joy to read.

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