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  1. Dr HC Verma on Rotational Mechanics at BVN-IAPT Anveshika- Part 1
  2. Dr HC Verma on Rotational Mechanics at BVN-IAPT Anveshika-Part 2 Q: Equilibrium FBD
  3. Walter Lewin lecture 8.01x 19 Rotating Objects, Moment of Inertia, Rotational KE
  4. Walter Lewin Lecture 8.01x 20 Angular Momentum, Torques, Conservation of Angular Momentum
  5. Walter Lewin Lecture 8.01x 21 Torques, Oscillating Bodies, Physical Pendulum
  6. Walter Lewin Lecture 8.01x 22 Keplers Law Q: Central Force Motion, Torque, Angular Momentum
  7. Walter Lewin Lecture 8.01x 24 Rolling Motion, Gyroscope
  8. Walter Lewin Lecture 8.01x 25 Static Equilibrium, Stability
  9. NKC ETOOS Playlist of 4 lectures


  1. Walter Lewin demonstrating moment of inertia


  1. Two discs problem
  2. Oscillation and Rotation JEE Problem. Also see the playlist.
  3. Rolling motion on movable surface by Daljieet Singh