Concepts of Physics

IIT JEE Physics (1978 to 2018: 41 Years) Topic-wise Complete Solutions

IIT JEE Physics Book: Foreword

Dr HC Verma Physics starts with observing the nature. The systematic observation results in simple rules which unlock the doors to the nature's mystery. Having learned a handful of simple rules, we can combine them logically to obtain more complicated rules and gain an insight into the way this world works. The skill, to apply the theoretical knowledge to solve any practical problem, comes with regular practice of solving problems. The aim of the present collection of problems and solutions is to develop this skill.

IIT JEE questions had been a challenge and a center of attraction for a big section of students at intermediate and college level. Independent of their occurrence as an evaluation tool, they have good potential to open up thinking threads in mind. Jitender Singh and Shraddhesh Chaturvedi have used these questions to come up with a teaching material that can benefit students. The explanations accompanying the problems could bring conceptual clarity and develop the skills to approach any unseen problem, step by step. These problems are arranged in a chapter sequence that is used in my book Concepts of Physics. Thus a student using both the books will find it as an additional asset.

Both Jitender Singh and Shraddhesh Chaturvedi have actually been my students at IIT, Kanpur. Jitender Singh has been closely associated with me since long. It gives me immense pleasure to see that my own students are furthering the cause of Physics education. I wish them every success in this work and expect much more contribution from them in future!

Dr. H. C. Verma, Professor of Physics, IIT Kanpur