Concepts of Physics

IIT JEE Physics (1978-2016: 39 Years) Topic-wise Complete Solutions
IIT JEE Physics (1978-2016: 39 Years)
Topic-wise Complete Solutions
Written by IITians. Foreword by Dr HC Verma. Appreciated by students.
IIT JEE Physics Vol 1
IIT JEE Physics Vol 2

What You Get From The Book?
Complete Reference
1350+ solved problems from IIT JEE in 2 volumes. The book contains all questions and their complete solutions.
Build Concepts
Concept building by problem solving. The solutions reveals all the critical points.
Topic and year-wise content arrangement. IIT preparation with school education.
Self Learning
Promotes self learning. Can be used as a readily available mentor for solutions.

What They Say About the Book?

Bring conceptual clarity and develop the skills to approach any unseen problem, step by step.

Precise and clear approach. Excellent explanation with necessary diagrams. Definitely a class apart. Strongly recommended.

I have gone through the two volumes very deeply and find the quality of solutions to be accurate and lucid.

Amazing and complete collection of Physics problems from IIT JEE. It helped my daughter to consolidate her preparation...

About Authors

Jitender Singh is working as a Scientist in DRDO. He has a strong academic background with Integrated M. Sc. (5 years) in Physics from IIT Kanpur and M. Tech. in Computational Science from IISc Bangalore. He is All India Rank 1 holder in GATE and loves to solve physics problems. He is a member of Prof. H.C. Verma's team which is dedicated to improve the quality of physics education in the country.

Shraddhesh Chaturvedi holds a degree in Integrated M. Sc. (5 years) in Physics from IIT Kanpur. He is passionate about problem solving in physics and enhancing the quality of texts available to Indian students. His career spans many industries where he has contributed with his knowledge of physics and mathematics. An avid reader and keen thinker, his philosophical writings are a joy to read.

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Frequently Asked Questions
No. This book is exclusively vailable on
No. We believe that Printed Books are best friends of serious IIT JEE aspirants.
No. This book is to supplement your Physics text book like Concepts of Physics by Dr HC Verma or Fundamentals of Physics by Resnick and Halliday.
We made efforts to come up with an excellent product. The comparative studies are left to the readers. The feedback from the readers is encouraging. See some of the reviews here.
Yes. Prime objective of the book is to give insight into the concepts of physics through IIT JEE problems. The format of the questions/examinations is not important.
Our intention is to provide good quality product at a reasonable price. The price is neither too high nor too low.
We are biased towards "Concepts of Physics" by Dr HC Verma. To be fair, NCERT and Resnick and Halliday are equally good. In our opinion, study from only one book (although you may buy many). Most of these "good" books have similar type of contents, so reading all of them will not be effective. Also see my article Physics Book Selection for IIT JEE.
We agree with opinion of Nitin Jain IIT JEE Topper "If you love physics, you can try solving books like I.E. Irodov as the questions in such books expand your understanding of physics. Note that most of the questions in such books are outside the syllabus and level of IIT JEE exam, and thus you don't need to do them. But if you have solved a book for IIT JEE Physics, try to solve Irodov. It might be fun and will definitely enrich your knowledge of physics."
IIT JEE questions are formulated by some of the best minds. Every year, IIT professors comes up with 30 to 40 new questions to test understanding of the JEE aspirants. These questions are valuable resource to unravel a deeper understanding of the physical concepts. There may be better questions elsewhere, but IIT JEE questions are most relevant for JEE aspirants.

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