Concepts of Physics

IIT JEE Physics (1978 to 2018: 41 Years) Topic-wise Complete Solutions

Dr HC Verma's Videos

Many videos of Dr HC Verma are available on Youtube. This page give brief details of these videos and link to these videos. Purpose is to make these videos available at single platform. Click the full-screen icon to see videos on full-screen.

Topic Description Video Link
Waves The concepts related to Waves are beautifully explained by Dr HC Verma. The playlist consists of four video. These videos are in Hindi.
Rotational Mechanics The rotational mechanics is usually considered difficult subject by the students. Watch this video lecture by Dr HC Verma to get interest in this subject. The playlist consists of two videos in English.
Magnetism Myth of two kinds of magnetic poles are examined. Watch these two videos to enjoy the beauty of magnetism. The videos are titles as Magnet ki Pol Khol and are in Hindi.
Faraday's Law, Motional EMF and Relativity The plays list consists of three lectures in Hindi. First lecture is on Faraday's law, second lecture on Motional EMF, and third lecture explores relativity.
Interference and Diffraction of Light This lecture gives experimental demonstration and theoretical explanation of the phenomenon of interference and diffraction of light. The lecture is in English.
Demonstration Based Teaching The playlist consists of five videos in English. The videos explains various concepts of Physics by demonstration based teaching methods. These videos are strongly recommended for teachers.
Interviews of Dr HC Verma These interviews gives views and ideas of Dr HC Verma. These interviews are taken at IIT Guhati, JUET, and IIT Kanpur.
Interactions with Students These three videos are part of Dr HC Verma interaction with students at Birla Vidya Niketan, Delhi.
On Education System These are excellent videos on education system in India. These are must watch video for all teachers and people involved in education system.
Science in Ancient India Lectures by Prof HC Verma on Computations in ancient India and Surgery in ancient India.