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Quantum Physics: Book by

The contents given below are largely taken from official website of Dr HC Verma.

Main Thrust of the Book

The guiding principle in writing this book had been to let the reader feel the excitement of understanding the new way of looking at the nature and correlate with the events occurring around.

For whom is this book?

I presume this to be the first exposition of quantum physics for the reader after the Std XII level treatment of topics like Bohr's model of hydrogen atom, photoelectric effect, radioactivity etc. The treatment is based on sound mathematical treatment but the physical insight is not allowed to get lost in mathematical complexities. I have made effort to tell about the use of the theory developed in application to physical phenomena in order to create an attachment towards the subject. That is why the title is Quantum Physics and not just Quantum mechanics.

Though the book is written for any person having interest in Physics and looking for a learning material on quantum physics, it can be used as a textbook for a 40-50 hour course on basics quantum mechanics and applications.

Contents in Short

  1. New Lessons from Young's Double-slit Experiment
  2. Lessons from Polarized Light
  3. Material Particles Also Need Wave Description
  4. Position and Linear Momentum of a Particle
  5. Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
  6. Operator Formulation
  7. Schrodinger Equation
  8. Energy Time Uncertainty
  9. Probability Current Density
  10. Deep Square Well Potential
  11. Finite Square Well Potential
  12. Attractive Delta Function Potential
  13. Linear Harmonic Oscillator
  14. The Step Potential
  15. Barrier Penetration
  16. Angular Momentum
  17. Spin Angular Momentum
  18. Central Potential Problems
  19. Hydrogen Atom
  20. Identical Particles
  21. Maxwell Boltzmann Statistics
  22. Bose Einstein Statistics

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