Concepts of Physics Part 2 by HC Verma

Concepts of Physics Part 2 is a well-known book by Dr. HC Verma. The book is meant for students in class 12. It covers heat and thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, and modern physics. The book has ISBN 978-8177092325 and published by Bharati Bhawan. It is available in bookshops or you can Buy at Amazon or Flipkart.


The book is the bible for JEE and NEET aspirants. It is reviewed thousands of times on Amazon and Flipkart. The average rating on Amazon is 4.5 out of 5 (from 723 reviews).

It's awesome! Everyone knows that H C Varma is best for physics. It is very helpful for students preparing for 11th, 12th board exams, and for entrance exams. Every concept is well explained. Diagrams makes the concepts clear. There are exercises after every lesson. Just loved this book!
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The part 2 covers thermodynamics, electromagnetism and modern physics with chapter number ranging from 23 to 47:
  1. Heat and Temperature
  2. Kinetic Theory of Gases
  3. Calorimetry
  4. Laws of Thermodynamics
  5. Specific Heat Capacities of Gases
  6. Heat Transfer
  7. Electric Field and Potential
  8. Gauss's Law
  9. Capacitors
  10. Electric Current in Conductors
  11. Thermal and Chemical Effects of Electric Current
  12. Magnetic Field
  13. Magnetic Field due to a Current
  1. Permanent Magnets
  2. Magnetic Properties of Matter
  3. Electromagnetic Induction
  4. Alternating Current
  5. Electromagnetic Waves
  6. Electric Current through Gases
  7. Photoelectric Effect and Wave-Particle Duality
  8. Bohr's Model and Physics of the Atom
  9. X-rays
  10. Semiconductors and Semiconductor Devices
  11. The Nucleus
  12. The Special Theory of Relativity

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The book is easily available in bookshops. You can buy online from Amazon or Flipkart.

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