Concepts of Physics

IIT JEE Physics (1978 to 2018: 41 Years) Topic-wise Complete Solutions

Visit ViBha-IAPT Anveshika (Hyderabad)

Why to Visit?

To enjoy working with Physics. The laboratory resources are available to you without any constraint. You can do and enjoy Physics activities/experiments readily available at Anveshika or can try your own ideas. Anveshika visit is something special that can not be expressed in words but can only be experienced!

Who Can Visit?

Anveshika visit is open to all who love Physics. Physics teachers and students from 9th to 12th standard are recommended one!

What is the Fee?

There is no fee! It is free like freedom!

When to Visit?

Preferable Sunday or Public Holiday. You need to inform us (use contact us form above) and get the confirmation. We wish to make your visit productive and enjoyable!

How to Reach?

The Anveshika Address is HNo 116, Nakshatra Colony, Balapur, Hyderabad-500005. It is 15 km from Koti via Santosh Nagar-> Midhani Depot (Pisalbanda) ->Balapur X-Road->Anveshika. The distance from LB Nagar is 10 km via LB Nagar-> Karman Ghat Temple-> Take Left at Manda Mallamma Function Hall-->Balapur X-Road->Anveshika. Balapur X-road is almost 3 km from Anveshika. From Balapur X-Road go towards RCI pass by Inidain Oil Petrol Pump (on left), Super Theatre (on Left), Om Sai Hospital (on left), Shivaji Chauk [GO STRAIGHT], Salzee Function Hall (on Left), Nakshatra Colony (on left), Destination (on left).

See google map below for more details!