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About ViBha-IAPT Anveshika


Anveshika is an Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT) initiative to create centers across India where student and teachers can learn experiment-based physics and try out their own ideas. Anveshika centres are established at different places within the country under National Anveshika Network of India (NANI) initiative. Anveshika is essentially an open ended laboratory where uncommon experiments are set up without constraints of any board syllabus or examination. New experiments are continuously evolved as and when any idea strikes the students or the teachers.


A 1400 sft space is identified at the first floor of H.No. 116, Nakshatra Colony, Balapur, PO Keshavgiri, Hyderabad-500005. The location is close to DRDO establishment having six major laboratories. This provide a large pool of human resources as some of the scientists working in these laboratories can be encouraged to take up voluntary activities. These resources can contribute towards coordination and management. The basic experimental set-up is already established to start the activities. The resources will be continually augmented as time progresses.


The target audience is science (physics) students/teachers from class VI to class XII. Initially, we plan to have a functioning Sunday Science Club where students, teachers, and resource persons from nearby areas can discuss, design, and/or do experiments of their interest. This activity is planned on every Sunday for a period of three hour. At the end of every meeting, the topic of discussion/experiment will be decided for the next meeting. The students/teachers will be encouraged to try experiments at home and come up with new experiments/ideas. The objective of Sunday Science Club is to share knowledge and slowly create scientific culture among members. Secondly, we will have an outreach programme to have experiment demonstration of two hour duration on Saturdays in school premises. The objective of this programme is to connect to new students/teachers, showcase experiment-based teaching method to initiate them, and then followup to identify those who can take up activities in long run. The schools will be selected appropriately. The response from school management will be observed and slowly seed-Anveshika's will be established in schools showing interest. These mini-Anveshika will be given initial hand-holding and support till they bloom into full fledged Anveshika or die out. We have a vision for ViBha to act as model Anveshika in Hyderbad region.


The management committee includes senior members like Shri K. Rambabu, Shri Krishnarajulu and Dr. Rajeshwar Rao in advisory role. At the middle level, Shri B. Ramakrishna and Shri GLN Murthy will help in periodic progress monitoring and mid-course correction, if required. The executive part of the committee include Dr. Seema Awasthi and Shri P Krishna Menon. The Anveshika activities will be coordinated by Jitender Singh.